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The Cider Barn restaurant is hitting the road and going


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About Us

We want to bring our creative and imaginative dishes to you!

Throughout our dishes we reflect the simplicity and the beauty of the Herefordshire countryside in all that we do, creating unique menus to suit your celebration using the best produce the county has to offer throughout the seasons.

From our extensive experience of hosting unique events in our own restaurant "The Cider Barn" we will bring our passion, skills and creativity to your memorable occasion.

We can cater for any style of occasion from banquet style feast, BBQs and street food to canapés or light lunches. 


Tel: 01544 388 161  


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We bring the restaurant experience to you.

If you are celebrating a special occasion or you just want to treat your friends and family we can cater for you. 

Our Chefs will come to your own home or holiday cottage and create a unique dinner party experience.



Size is no issue! 

If you want to bring all your friends and family together around food, our banqueting style feasts are the perfect ingredient for your memorable event. We will create for you a personal and rustic menu full of exiting flavours from Herefordshire.

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With the county's produce and changing seasons we have created a street food menu. 

It will celebrate our suppliers and our vision within our

3x3m pop up kitchen.

Think of us for events such as:

food festival, garden

parties, local events,

casual dinning events.

Our Suppliers

"We work with incredible people who produce the most
exciting ingredients"

Our suppliers are at the heart of our venture, their fantastic produce is the key ingredient to all that we create. 

We take pride in building relationships with our suppliers in order to become an essential part of the local community –  much time has been spent sourcing growers and suppliers from our county with exciting things to offer.


Our independent suppliers are a constant inspiration for our menus, allowing us to create imaginative and exciting dishes. We aim to showcase them in all that we do.

At Your Service

Tel: 01544 388 161  |  Email:

Tell us a little more about your event we would love to hear from you

Thanks for submitting!

supply us with 
fantastic rare breed
Berkshire Pork


Sustainability plays a key role in all that we do in The Cider Barn On Tour from the produce we source to the way we serve the food to you.

We believe in promoting the use of local and seasonal produce, not only does this help us in supporting our local community but helps us to cut down on the food miles associated with our dishes. Our menus constantly adapt throughout the seasons based on the abundance of produce that we are supplied with. By working closely with local supliers we have also been able to cut out a huge amount of plastic waste created in the long haul transportation of food.

Renewable energy is here to stay and we're jumping on board sourcing our electricity from renewable sources.

Our commitment to sustainability is shown right up to the point of service; we aim to use porcelain crockery at every possible opportunity due to its extreme lifetime and reusability, and where this is not an option we have opted for compostable packaging!

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